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Kidney Cancer

In honour of Ninon Bourque

Books of Interest available at your public library or local bookstore

Book cover 100 Questions and Answers about Kidney Cancer

100 Questions and Answers about Kidney Cancer by Steven C. Campbell; Brian I. Rini; Brian Lane; Robert G. Uzzo

ISBN: 9781284038576




Book cover for Johns Hopkins Patients' guide to kidney cancerJohns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Kidney Cancer by Michael A. Carducci; Janet R. Walczak

ISBN: 9780763774325

Support Groups

Kidney Cancer Canada : Peer Support : To provide information and support for patients living with kidney cancer. Meetings are available via live webcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Staging mean?

A: Staging is a way of classifying cancer so that you and your healthcare team understand how far the cancer has progressed. The cancer stage describes the tumour size and tells whether it has spread beyond the place in the kidney where it started to grow. Knowing the stage helps your doctor determine the best approach to treatment.



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