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Liver Cancer

In honour of Ninon Bourque


If your cancer started in another site (lung, breast, bowel, etc) and later spread to the liver, then you do not have “liver cancer”.  You have liver “metastases", and the information below does not apply to you. Please go to the (lung, breast, colon, etc) pages for information that applies to your diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is liver cancer preventable?

A: Many of the risk factors associated with liver cancer are avoidable, such as smoking and excessive use of alcohol.  Other risk factors, such as having Hepatitis B can be reduced by having the HepB vaccine.

Q: What is TACE?

A:  TACE is a short form for a procedure sometimes used for liver cancer called Transarterial chemoembolization. Embolization is a treatment that uses a material, agent or tiny beads to block a tumour’s blood supply. When the embolization beads are combined with chemotherapy drugs, it is called chemoembolization. Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is a specific type of chemoembolization in which the beads and drugs are injected into the hepatic artery (the artery connected to the liver).


Liver Anatomy

Image showing where the liver is found in the body


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