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In honour of Ninon Bourque


Preparing for Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital

Please complete the Pre-op Patient Health History Questionnaire to the best of your ability and bring it with you to see your surgeon even if you are not sure you need surgery.

Once it is decided that you will need surgery, you will have a Pre-Admission Appointment. Depending on your health and personal situation, your Pre-Admission Unit (PAU) appointment will include pre-assessment from a specialized team of registered nurses, anesthesiologists, residents and health-care professionals who will help prepare you for your surgical experience.

  • Before this appointment, please read the my Surgery Pre-Admission Unit Patient Education booklet (maps are also included in this booklet for you to find your way). It be may helpful for you to bring a copy of this booklet with you to your PAU appointment.   
  • IMPORTANT: Bring all your medications in their original labelled bottles to this appointment or have them readily available if this appointment if completed by phone. 

Length of Stay after Surgery

Day Surgery: You will have surgery and go home (discharged) on the same day of surgery. See Planning for my Outpatient Day Surgery - Surgical Day Care Unit.

Overnight Surgery: You will have surgery and go home (discharged) the following day after your surgery by 7:00 a.m. See Planning for my Overnight Surgery - Surgical Day Care (overnight) Unit.

Same Day Admission: You will have surgery and go home (discharged) more than 24 hours after your surgery. See Planning for my Inpatient Surgery - Same Day Admission.