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What is Concussion

The Do's and Don'ts of Concussion


Use these “do’s and don’ts” tips while you recover from your injury and gradually return to your regular activities (as tolerated).


  • Get plenty of cognitive and physical rest to improve recovery (schedule regular rests)
  • Maintain a regular schedule and sleep routine
  • Minimize activities that increase your symptoms such as those that require significant amounts of focused attention (computer work, texting)
  • Reduce unnecessary light/sound exposure and gradually increase your tolerance to light and sound
  • Exercise as tolerated and eat well balanced meals
  • Avoid cognitively or emotionally stressful situations
  • Let family, friends, employers (if appropriate) know what happened to you so they can understand and help you deal with challenges that arise
  • When ready, consider returning to work gradually
  • Engage in pleasurable activities and hobbies when possible
  • Only take medications approved by your doctor
  • See your family physician regularly and report any changes or increases in your symptoms


  • Do not engage in too much unnecessary TV watching, computer use or smartphone use
  • Do not rush back into things, overdo it or push through tasks
  • Do not return to work or demanding activities until you feel ready and have a plan in place
  • Do not take part in activities that could lead to another concussion while you still have symptoms
  • Do not return to driving until you can drive safely, consult your doctor
  • Do not drink alcohol or use recreational drugs

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